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By using this system you can control on the map the up-to-date position of vehicles and people equipped with GPS locators with accuracy up to a few meters. Only access to a computer with a web browser is required.

Here are the details:

  • We deliver configured hardware and software (ready to use right away).

  • Equipment (we suggest a device TK-102):

    • small size and weight about 50 g
    • may be permanently connected into the power of the vehicle or used as portable device
    • positioning accuracy of 5 m
    • position information is being sent (approximately) every 30 s.
    • suitable for monitoring vehicles, people, animals, construction machinery

  • Software:

    • web application accessible everywhere in the Internet
    • visualization of the device position on the map every 30 s.
    • history with detailed reports of routes traveled for any period
    • presenting route length, time, average speed, effective driving time
    • automatic SMS and email notifications about location or about events like exceeding the set speed or breaking zones

Delivered device is immediately ready for monitoring. Select the page traceo.pl , log in and monitored devices will be presented on the map for you. Login and password is supplied with the unit.

We also offer software for mobile phones equipped with GPS. By running this free application on your mobile you can:

    • track your location off-line or on-line (mobile phone with GPS)
    • work as a terminal of TRACEO system ; can see on the map where there are other trackers

Download the program here.


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