A brief introduction to using the application Traceo

Using the program is simple and intuitive.

The program has the following menu items:

  • Location:

    Is used to track the vehicles online . After selecting the Start Tracking every 30 seconds on the map the current positions of the vehicles are updated. At every point on the map, you can click again. The device will expand with information about a given point, ie

    • date / time
    • speed
    • average speed
    • activity time

  • History:

    It shows the route traveled. Route vehicles are visualized on the map as points. The colors correspond to the colors of points of equipment. The intensity of the color corresponds to speeds. The more intense the color, the higher speed. Points on the map correspond to entries in the table. You can change history by changing the scope of the presented date From To and click on Show.
    Data are also presented in a graph.

  • Settings:

    Used to append and update information of tracked equipment. The number of monitored devices is optional. Each device is described as follows:

    • name - any name that describes a device such as Marek (auto)
    • id - a unique identifier such as imei:12345678901234567
    • type - the type of device used. You can choose TK102, Holux or Mobile (for mobile phones with GPS)
    • line - when set to Yes, then the points on the map are connected with the line
    • color - the color of which they are presented points on the map for a device

    In case you configure device yourself you have to set IP address and port number of TRACEO server.
    For TK102 it is: and 50001.

Program for mobile phone TRACEO GPS:

More information here.
To download and run this program enter on the mobile phone the following link for downloading: www.traceo.pl/d/Traceo.jad (Java) or www.traceo.pl/d/traceo.apk (Android).
You can also download the program to your computer using the links below and then upload it to your mobile phone by Bluetooth or wires:

        Traceo.jad    Traceo.apk

To work as terminal of TRACEO system program must have set: user name oraz password (default demo and demo).
When we use the program as GPS tracker on-line then the important parameter is GPRS in the program settings (cheapest option here is usually sockets).

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